We’re proud to be presenting at the NLP International Conference for the 3rd year.

Take a look at our session on Mind-Scams – the ways your mind tricks you into doing what it wants, not what you want.
— Paul Field

For 14 years we have been uncovering better ways of delivering software
Agile that frequently delivers measurable business value

Value-Focused Agile

Agile today is focused on features and user stories and prioritisation is a gut-feel activity.

Imagine if everyone in your organisation was focused on business value instead. If product features were optimised for business value in a transparent way that reduced politics amongst stakeholders and inspired the creativity of everyone involved.

Agile that delivers on customer, stakeholder and staff needs

People-Centred Agile

Agile values individuals and interactions but is so often centred on processes and tools, particularly at scale.

Imagine if everyone in your organisation felt they were working with the greatest managers in the best team and using their talents to the full. If easy collaboration to build the best product was simply how everyone worked.

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