We have over 20 years hands-on experience of leadership in large organisations, of delivering results and of helping others do the same. We bring a unique mix of leadership coaching combined with techniques from agile and product delivery, to help your people bring their full talents, organised to deliver rapid, repeatable results.


Can we help you?

Ask yourself the following questions about your organisation. If the answers aren’t a confident “yes”, then we can help you become more effective.

High-Performing Leadership

Do your leaders…

  • Effectively communicate a single, clear vision?
  • Seek to improve themselves and the organisation?
  • Resolve conflicts and foster collaboration?
  • Encourage the enthusiasm and talents of others?
  • Bring their authentic selves to work?

Strategy & Product: Value & Alignment

Does everyone in the organisation…

  • Know the vision & strategy, and understand the customer?
  • Make valuable, strategic progress on a regular basis?
  • Make day-to-day decisions in-line with the vision (and values)?
  • Influence the vision and strategy based on their skills and knowledge?

High-Performing Teams

Do your leadership and delivery teams…

  • Maintain a clear focus on achieving valuable outcomes?
  • Achieve frequent, valuable successes?
  • Use individual differences to create a stronger team?
  • Engage in frank yet compassionate communication?
  • Seek to constantly improve?

Effective Process and Governance

Can everyone in the organisation…

  • Collaborate effectively with a shared process that delivers outcomes?
  • Get their jobs done with the minimal bureaucracy?
  • Keep focussed on the most important thing to be done?
  • Easily see the state of goals and work to do, organisation-wide?

Why Choose Us?

Our Toolkit

We uniquely blend coaching approaches including GROW, 5 Minute Coach, Clean Language and LAB profiling with agile and product techniques for a high-performing business such as Scrum, Kanban and EVO.

Our Coaches

We provide experienced, industry-leading coaches from the executive coaching and agile coaching communities. We’ll select the expertise that’s right for you.

Our Approach

We scale from one-off or light-touch, cost-effective sessions for key leaders to longer journeys of development with departments or organisations. We have helped individuals, transformed large delivery programmes and departments, and set up global communities of practice.

Our Programme Governance

For larger engagements, we ensure:

  • Alignment to business objectives
  • Operational & development metrics & reporting
  • Structured training, mentoring and coaching process
  • Mentoring on effective strategy and governance for organisational change

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