Agile Coaching

Have you implemented Agile or Scrum and are finding it’s much harder than you thought? Are the results not what you were expecting? Are you lost in the mass of methods and advice? Scrum, Kanban, XP, SAFe, LeSS, DaD, Lean, Lean Startup…

Or do you simply aspire to be truly excellent and want to take your people and organisation to the next level?

Results focused

We specialise in focusing on business value and aligning behind a common purpose that gets results

Be the best

We know the power of unlocking the potential in your people and enabling them to work at their best

Your vision

We’re pragmatic and work with your vision and aspirations – not a dogmatic view of Agile

Our expertise

We bring unique perspectives from 19 years hands-on experience running Agile teams and transformations in large enterprises

We can help you succeed at Agile

Agile Failure Modes

We’ve worked with hundreds of teams and seen a large number of Agile failures. We’ve identified four key failure modes of Agile teams and transformations.

Not aspiring to professional excellence

Not focusing on business value

Not developing soft skills and leadership

Not becoming Agile at a leadership level

Two ways to improve your Agile

To address the four failure modes, we’ve developed two complementary approaches to Agile. They both adapt to suit your vision and your organisation.

Agile that frequently delivers measurable business value

Value-Focused Agile

Agile today is focused on features and user stories and prioritisation is a gut-feel activity.

Imagine if everyone in your organisation was focused on business value instead. If product features were optimised for business value in a transparent way that reduced politics amongst stakeholders and inspired the creativity of everyone involved.

Agile that delivers on customer, stakeholder and staff needs

People-Centred Agile

Agile values individuals and interactions but is so often centred on processes and tools, particularly at scale.

Imagine if everyone in your organisation felt they were working with the greatest managers in the best team and using their talents to the full. If easy collaboration to build the best product was simply how everyone worked.

An Agile Coaching Process focused on Results

Unlike many other Agile coaching companies, we have a structured coaching process to create the perfect coaching and training programme for your needs. We go far beyond the standard Agile and Scrum skills to draw on leading-edge techniques from product development, business analysis, coaching, leadership and psychology to give you a solid foundation to create personal and business success in challenging situations.

Agile Coaching and Training Model

We can help you succeed at Agile

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