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Have you implemented Agile or Scrum and are finding it’s much harder than you thought? Are the results not what you were expecting? Are you lost in the mass of methods and advice?

Or do you simply aspire to be truly excellent and want to take your people and organisation to the next level?

We provide Agile training customised to your needs. From Agile leadership, transformation and teamwork to specific training for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

We go beyond the basic Agile and Scrum skills to draw on leading-edge techniques from product development, business analysis, coaching, leadership and psychology to give you a solid foundation to create personal and business success in challenging situations. We teach techniques from a wide range of Agile methods including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, SAFe, Lean Startup and Evo.

We’re pragmatic and teach what works and what will suit you and your organisation. Our Agile courses are based on proven techniques and unique perspectives from 25 years hands-on experience running Agile teams and implementing transformations in large enterprises.

Our modular training structure means we’ll create the perfect training for your needs, whether it’s a half-day targeted workshop or part of a coaching programme over several months.

We run most of our Agile training with companies based in London, UK.

People Love our Agile Training

100% of attendees have rated our training as enjoyable and 96% as being directly relevant to their current day-to-day roles.

“The trainers’ experience and war stories made the training come alive”

“Practical ideas I could use straight away”

“Pragmatic trainers who paid attention to what we really needed”

Agile Training That Gets Results

Our training approach is designed to get practical results in the workplace. It:

  1. Targets the performance improvements you want to make
  2. Overcomes barrier to adopting the learning in the workplace
  3. Supports the ongoing improvement

Read more about the Training Approach.

Agile Transformation

Don’t “go Agile”. Instead, learn how to create and lead a benefits-led transition that creates real value at every step and engages everyone in creating an optimised Agile that works for your specific organisation and unique needs of the programmes, projects and teams.

Modules can include:

  • Agility at the business level
  • Your organisation: Your vision, Your Agile
  • Benefits-led transformation
  • Transformational leadership
  • The challenge of culture change
  • Risks and pitfalls

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Agile Leadership Power-Up

Learn the practical and the soft skills for being an effective leader of Agile teams. Learn how to motivate and inspire high-performance, to deal with conflict and to develop exceptional people for your organisation.

Modules can include:

  • Ensuring teams have impact
  • Leading change
  • Catalysts, servants and other leadership styles
  • A practical guide to empowerment
  • Developing your people
  • Metrics, goals and value

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Product Owner Power-Up

Go beyond basic Agile product ownership skills and learn how to handle multiple stakeholders, conflict, changing requirements, development teams who don’t do what you want and customers who don’t know what they want (or really want something different to what they tell you).

Modules can include:

  • Agile driven by business value
  • Managing risk and uncertainty
  • Engaging multiple stakeholders & handling conflict
  • Advanced User Stories and slicing techniques
  • Understanding the customer
  • Powerful questions to uncover real requirements
  • Engaging the Scrum team

Plus specialist modules:

  • Business transformation projects
  • Working with Kanban teams
  • The Agile Business Analyst (for BAs transitioning to Agile)
  • The Agile Programme Manager

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ScrumMaster Power-Up

How do you take your ScrumMaster skills to the next level? You know Scrum and its ceremonies but how do you get the best from the people in the team? How can you get the team to gel and become a high performing team providing fantastic software for your customers?

Modules can include:

  • Effective working with the product owner
  • Creating high-performing teams
  • Facilitation skills
  • Effective Retrospectives
  • Coaching and communication
  • Influencing outside the team

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Agile Team Power-Up

Teams often learn Scrum but fail to become high performing. Learn the soft skills you need to truly perform as an Agile team – dealing with conflict, emotions, difficult behaviours and being able to create transformative learning within the team.

Modules can include:

  • Delivering great product
  • Creating our ideal team
  • Individual strengths and differences
  • Conflict and decision making
  • Team learning
  • Continuous improvement

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