Agile Leadership Power-Up Training

Are your managers and leaders wondering what their roles are in a world of empowered, self-organising teams? Have they discovered that empowerment is hard and teams rarely self-organise? Are your agile teams failing to deliver the results you hoped for? Have they started doing things you don’t want them to?

Or do you simply want your managers and leaders to be the best and take their abilities and your organisation to the next level? To apply Agile at a strategic level? To create the conditions for high-impact teams and for people to work at the best of their abilities?

In our Agile Leadership courses we go beyond the usual Agile skills to share our experiences leading Agile teams and transformations. We draw on leading-edge techniques from executive coaching, leadership and psychology to give you a solid foundation to create personal and business success in challenging situations. We teach techniques that work with all the Agile methods including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming and SAFe.

Our Agile training is highly interactive and practical. Attendees are encouraged to work on their own real-world examples and are helped to create personal actions and strategies that will immediately benefit them and your business.

Our courses are always customised to your specific needs and can include any of the topics below (plus others from our other courses). Our modular training structure means we’ll create the perfect training for your needs, whether it’s a half-day targeted workshop or a programme of training, workshops and coaching building skills and behaviour change over several months.

We run most of our training with companies based in London, UK.

Ensuring teams have impact

  • Agile driven by business value
  • Managing risk and uncertainty
  • Engaging multiple stakeholders
  • High-performance teams – you need more than Scrum
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation

Leading change

  • Vision in an Agile world
  • Managing the system
  • Continuous improvement
  • Radical improvement
  • Agile management in a non-Agile organisation

Catalysts, servants and other leadership styles

  • Models of leadership
  • Delegation in an Agile world
  • Personality types and flexing your style
  • How to influence

A practical guide to empowerment

  • Goal-setting in an Agile world
  • Boundaries
  • Agile decision-making
  • Improving communication

Developing your people

  • Leader as coach
  • Coaching models
  • Appreciative inquiry & Clean Language
  • Handling conflict

Metrics, goals and value

  • What makes a good metric?
  • Using metrics to create positive improvement
  • Optimizing Scrum
  • Optimizing Kanban

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