Agile Product Owner Power-Up Training

Are your product owners facing with an uphill struggle to build the right product: multiple stakeholders, conflict, changing requirements, Scrum teams who don’t do what they want, customers who don’t know what they want (or really want something different to what they tell you)? Do you have business analysts or programme managers who are making the transition to product ownership and don’t know what that means for their role?

Or do you simply want your Product Owners to be the best and take their abilities and your organisation to the next level? To apply Agile at a strategic level to business transformations and to align stakeholders to deliver measurable business value regularly and frequently?

In our courses we go beyond the basic Agile and Product Owner skills to draw on leading-edge techniques from product development, coaching, leadership and psychology to give you a solid foundation to create personal and business success in challenging situations. We teach techniques from a wide range of Agile methods including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, SAFe, Lean Startup and Evo.

Our training is highly interactive and practical. Attendees are encouraged to work on their own real-world examples and are helped to create personal actions and strategies that will immediately benefit them and your business.

Our courses are always customised to your specific needs and can include any of the topics below (plus others from our other courses). Our modular training structure means we’ll create the perfect training for your needs, whether it’s a half-day targeted workshop or a programme of training, workshops and coaching building skills and behaviour change over several months.

We run most of our training with companies based in London, UK.

Agile driven by business value

  • Defining and measuring business value
  • Value beyond the software
  • Value-based product roadmaps
  • Using value to communicate product goals and progress
  • Enabling creativity and innovation

Managing risk and uncertainty

  • Discovery through feedback
  • Lean startup and validated learning
  • Design thinking
  • Risk-based decision-making and prioritisation

Engaging multiple stakeholders

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personality differences and flexing your style

Understanding the Customer

  • Personas
  • Customer interviewing
  • Powerful questions & Clean Language

Advanced User Stories

  • User story slicing techniques
  • User story mapping
  • Ensuring the quality of user stories
  • Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)

Engaging the Scrum team

  • Empowering the team to create solutions
  • Clear decision-making
  • Working with difficult teams

Specialist modules

We’ve developed a number of specialist training modules for Product Owners in specific situations: working on business transformation (of which software may be just a part), moving from being a business analyst and working with Kanban:

Business transformation projects

  • Delivering value without delivering software
  • Managing transformation in an Agile way
  • Scrum for non-software teams
  • Clean Kanban

Working with Kanban teams

  • Understanding Kanban: Value, Flow and Waste
  • Kanban metrics: when will it be done?
  • Cadences for feedback and delivering value
  • Managing deadlines and urgent requests using classes of service
  • Supporting continuous improvement

The Agile Business Analyst

  • Making the transition to Product Owner
  • Traditional Business Analysis skills that work with Agile
  • What Business Analysts need to stop doing
  • Agile skills for the Agile Business Analyst

The Agile Programme Manager

  • Making the transition to Product Owner
  • Value and early benefits realisation
  • Agile governance: cost, quality, risk, scope and time
  • Structuring an Agile programme

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