ScrumMaster Power-Up Training

Are your ScrumMasters discovering that creating a high-performing team isn’t as simple as just following the Scrum ceremonies? Do they need a better relationship with the Product Owner? Do they struggle with difficult people or a lack of results from the team?

Or do you simply want your ScrumMasters to be the best and take their abilities and your organisation to the next level?

In our courses we go beyond the basic Agile and ScrumMaster skills to draw on leading-edge techniques from product development, coaching, leadership and psychology to give you a solid foundation to create personal and business success in challenging situations. We teach techniques from a wide range of Agile methonds including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, SAFe, Lean Startup and Evo.

Our ScrumMaster training is highly interactive and practical. Attendees are encouraged to work on their own real-world examples and are helped to create personal actions and strategies that will immediately benefit them and your business.

Our Agile courses are always customised to your specific needs and can include any of the topics below (plus others from our other courses). Our modular training structure means we’ll create the perfect training for your needs, whether it’s a half-day targeted workshop or a programme of training, workshops and coaching building skills and behaviour change over several months.

We run most of our training with companies based in London, UK.

Effective working with the product owner

  • Understanding business value
  • The creative tension with the PO
  • Team as innovative partners, not order takers

Creating high-performing teams

  • Team dysfunctions
  • Team vision
  • Effective team decision-making
  • How to continuously improve

Facilitation skills

  • Fundamentals of facilitation
  • Encouraging the group to self-facilitate
  • Dealing with difficult people

Effective Retrospectives

  • Retrospective formats
  • Creating your own formats
  • Deep learning
  • Effective actions

Coaching and communication

  • Coaching models
  • Clean Language
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Effective feedback

Influencing outside the team

  • Understanding stakeholders and managers
  • Influencing skills
  • Personality types and flexing your style

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