Agile Team Power-Up: Training for Exceptional Agile Teamwork

Learn the practical and the soft skills you need to truly perform as an Agile team – dealing with conflict, emotions, difficult behaviours and being able to create transformative learning within the team.

This highly interactive training programme is designed for all members of a single team to attend, to learn a set of shared skills for collaborating, dealing with conflict and delivering results. It mixes classroom training based on your own situation, problems and aspirations together with workplace exercises to integrate the learning and make a difference to your team performance. You’ll gain a deep insight into each other, discover your hidden strengths and overcome your hidden weaknesses and know how to constantly improve towards your own shared vision of an exceptional team.

Our courses are always customised to your specific needs and can include any of the topics below (plus others from our other courses). We run most of our training with companies based in London, UK.

Creating our ideal team

  • What is a high-performing team?
  • Team dysfunctions
  • Team vision and purpose
  • Envisioning our ideal team
  • How do we aspire to those ideals?

Conflict and decision making

  • Drama and conflict
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Options-based decisions

Team learning

  • Feedback
  • Powerful questions
  • Effective retrospectives

Delivering great product

  • Powerful questions to uncover stakeholders’ hidden needs
  • Clear understanding of business value
  • Team innovation and creativity

Individual strengths and differences

  • Team members at their best
  • Supporting team members to be at their best
  • Strengths
  • Behavioural roles in the team

Continuous improvement

  • Running experiments
  • Measuring improvements
  • Agile practices you might try

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