Agile Training That Gets Results

Often Agile training has little impact on the business. What’s learnt is not put into practice or fails to have the desired impact.
We approach training differently to maximize the business impact and turn learning into practical action and improvement to the way you work.

Targets your performance improvements

  • We identify the improvements you want to make
  • We design learning objectives that support those improvements
  • We customise the training to deliver your specific learning objectives

Overcomes barriers to adoption

  • Attendees create an action plan for apply the training to achieve the top-level improvement that you want.
  • We coach attendees on overcoming personal and organisational obstacles to applying their new skills.
  • Where possible, we train team members together so they can implement team-level change.

Supports the ongoing change

  • We follow-up quickly to assess how well we met the learning objectives and how the action plan has been implemented.
  • If needed, we provide on-the-job coaching and mentoring to address difficult situations that are outside the scope of the training room.
  • We follow-up later to assess how the training contributed to the overall improvement you wanted to make.

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