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Dr Paul Field

Dr Paul Field

Director | Agile leadership coach

I’m based in London, UK and have 21 years experience of developing and delivering software, of leading teams and of creating global organisational change in a 98,000-person organisation. I’m experienced working with senior executives and large (100+ people) IT programmes in the Finance sector.

I have 14 years experience with Agile methods, starting with Extreme Programming and incorporating Scrum, Kanban, Evo and a variety of other techniques. I have 8 years experience as an executive and team coach (which goes far beyond Agile Coaching) and I am a member of the Association for Coaching.

I’m also a member of Haywood Mann, who provide the expertise to create competitive edge across the entire business.

Key Achievements

  • Coached senior executives and their management teams in improving the performance of their teams, departments and programmes. Resulted in deliveries highly aligned to business goals, 1000s of person/hours in efficiency savings, high stakeholder satisfaction and engaged teams making constant improvements for themselves.
  • Created a Community of Practice of over 900 volunteers in 50 locations globally. Generated over 240,000 euros per year of value through internal knowledge-sharing events, coaching, consultancy and training. Achieved with no budget.
  • Built and led software delivery teams with a 7 year history of frequent on-time delivery, almost zero defects, delivering when competitors had failed to deliver and having great team motivation.

Our Associates

We have an extensive network of associates to assist in all your Agile and transformation needs, including developers, ScrumMasters, Agile project managers, Agile business analysts and coaches.

Our team also includes high-end specialists with experience as Finance Directors, Heads of Marketing, Sales plus a number of executive coaches with C-suite experience.

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